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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

Strauss Logistics values SHEQ Management as an integral part of its operations.

Our SHEQ policy evolves with industry experience and trends, regulatory changes, and client requirements. It is far-reaching, including health and safety, environmental management, and service standards.

We’re proud to say that it unifies our company under over-arching objectives by integrating all systems and processes into a single, comprehensive framework.

SQAS Accreditation



Strauss prioritises the well-being of our people and this is fundamental to our business. Our Occupational Health and Safety Management policy governs how we identify hazards and assess risks, prevent accidents, and develop programs to eliminate occupational illnesses and injuries.

Strauss maintains the highest Health and Safety Management Standards


Strauss commits to meet the needs and expectations of the clients at all times. 

Our SQAS certification is recognition of our ability to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


Strauss Logistics respects all relevant transport, migration, and safety legislation and authorities. The company rigorously ensure that trucks have valid licences and certificates.

All drivers have a minimum of seven years commercial driving experience upon engagement. They receive annual Hazchem certification according to Zimbabwe’s Environmental Management (Control of Hazardous Substance) Regulations as well as proactive, company-mandated, behaviour-based safety training, hazard identification and risk assessments, and defensive driving training. 


Responsible use and protection of our environment is embedded in our values.

Strauss delivers the highest Environmental Management standards, which directs our impact on the environment.

We are committed to the prevention of air, water and land pollution.

Safety Induction Video

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