Tracking System

Using one of the world’s most sophisticated satellite and on-board tracking systems, Strauss Logistics knows where your goods are in real-time.

Our investment in transport technology offers clients and internal operations these advantages:

  • Status of delivery intelligence for improved customer service
  • Better management oversight
  • Driving audited for adherence to road rules, and for efficiency to reduce carbon footprint
  • Close monitoring of vehicle running costs to keep pricing stable
  • On-board interactive driver training
  • Protected vehicles, drivers, and cargo
  • Route management
  • Second-by-second accident analysis
  • Compliance with Zimbabwe transport legislation

Satellite Tracking

We can pinpoint the exact location of vehicles, cargo and staff, and monitor position changes live. In addition, we offer clients an integrated portal so they can:

  • Review historic journeys for insurance purposes
  • Identify the closest vehicle to a particular destination
  • Receive real-time notification of entry into no-go zones and other user-defined geofences
  • View movement reporting detailing departure and arrival locations, and visit frequency
  • Tabular, dynamic status reports detailing current vehicle activity

On-Board Computers

Live tracking provides second-by-second monitoring of driver behaviour, vehicle statistics, operating costs, and more.

Serious events and road violations are reported live, ensuring swift management and control.

Audible or visual in-cab interactive driver warnings increase driver safety and ensure compliance with road regulations and other procedures.